How does the Call Process work with FALP?

As announced at worship in February, Pastor Joel will be retiring this coming July. We are grateful for his many years of leadership in our communities.  The FALP council has had contact with the Nebraska Synod ELCA office, and a meeting with the Bishop and his staff is scheduled for March 28. Discussion at that meeting will give us information about the Synod’s call process for our parish and for the transitional pastor while we are in that call process. Updates will be given to all parish congregations as we have more information.

The FALP covenant which was approved by all five congregations outlined the steps our parish will follow:

  2. The Parish Council designates a Call Committee made up of members from Parish congregations.
  3. The Call Committee (following guidance of the Nebraska Synod ELCA Bishop) interview and make recommendation of a pastoral candidate to the Parish Council.
  4. The Parish Council will then present the candidate to each of the active congregations to approve or disapprove based upon the individual congregation’s bylaws/constitution.
  5. Following each congregation vote elected representatives on the Parish Council will bring their congregation’s vote to the Parish Council to report the congregation vote. Representatives are bound by the congregational vote.
  6. The representatives’ vote will be weighted according to the congregation’s Communing, Contributing, Confirmed (CCC) established for the current year.
  7. Approval of the candidate will be on a 2/3rds vote of the Parish Council, weighted according to the current yearly assessment formula.

The FALP council continues to ask for your prayers, especially now as we enter this transition period.

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