May 27th FALP call process update

The Rev. Juliet Hampton met with the Redeemer church council on May 16th for an exit interview with Pastor Joel. Following that, she met with the Faith Ambassadors’ council for another exit interview with Pastor Joel.

Questions that were discussed included:

-What has gone well in your ministry time together?

-What do you wish you could have spent more time or effort on, or          what do you wish you could’ve done differently?

-What is your greatest hope for what is next for the ministry in this           place?

The FALP council will meet with Rev. Juliet on June 13th at Ridgeley to take the next step in the call process. This meeting will involve more discussion about where we, as a parish, see as our focus going forward, and what our options are as we search for someone to help lead us in that focus direction.

Pastor Joel will lead his last worship services at Faith Ambassadors’ congregations in June.   We are working on pulpit supply/worship leaders for the months of July and August.

Once again we ask for your prayers and your patience as we go forward with our Spirit-led ministry of celebrating cooperation, participation, faithful fellowship, creative service, and outreach to all people.

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