FALP Update September, 2018

Pastor Chip Borgstadt joined the FALP ministerial staff this past August. Our plan was to have him with us for at least six months. However, due to personal reasons, he will be leaving us at the end of September. We have been in contact with Bishop Maas and Rev. Juliet Hampton. They have asked us to arrange for pulpit supply pastors for at least the month of October, which has been accomplished. Several congregations are currently in the call process, not only in the Nebraska Synod, but throughout the ELCA. There is a shortage of pastors and other leaders to fill these needs.   Pastor Nicki and Vicar Bob remain in service to the parish, and we will be asking members of FALP to participate in our ministry as well. Please continue to pray for Faith Ambassadors Lutheran Parish as we strive to continue to carry out our mission, minister to our members, and meet the needs of the each worship site.

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