Call Process Update for November

Representatives of the FALP council and the Transformational Ministry Team met with our Synod contact, Pastor Juliet Hampton, on November 12. She provided us with an update on the search for another Transitional Minister. Some who may be interested might need to have housing provided. She will be in contact with us as she knows more.

We were also given more details about what needs to be completed for the call process to continue. The Transformational Ministry Team has gathered the required community information and demographics. Each worship site will be asking its members to take part in a few surveys in the next month or two. These survey responses will then be compiled to complete the sections of the eleven page ministry site profile that describe characteristics of our parish and indicate what skills we are looking for in the person who will be part of our faith leadership team.

Also discussed was the possibility of having a seminary intern join our staff. Again, there are several steps that would need to be taken in order for this to happen.

We ask that you continue to keep Faith Ambassadors Lutheran Parish in your prayers as we move forward in this process.

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