NickiNicki McIntyre, Pastor/Ed.D., Daughter of a farmer turned pastor (20 +years each), lost mother to cancer at 15, she was 38. Transplanted from small home town to a city of strangers.   Love the farm and city…appreciate the best of both. Twenty-three years in a “ministry” for college students and staff at Midland Lutheran as a student life/services administrator. Called to ministry forever; “captured” 9/1/2003. Ordained 3/26/2006; completed 11 years of service to God and St. John Ridgeley/United Evangelical and former Immanuel, Snyder, Lutheran churches September 1, 2014. Rejoice at the abundance of grace God provides the world. Grieve the lack of understanding and use of grace by humans. Jesus Christ is the model, the Holy Spirit the engine, and I/we am/are a work(s) in progress. Blessed by one daughter, a gracious step-mother, 2 step brothers, special cousins, extended family, friends, colleagues, and church members beyond words. Love all creatures except reptiles and bugs. Raised to believe that Jesus Christ, grace, education and an open mind are keys to life. Time management is a mystery! Would like to more satisfy an insatiable curiosity and do more travel. Hope reigns eternal for a vacation that   does  not entail moving someone else’s boxes and belongings!

Bob Ball, Vicar. Bob was born in (1962) and raised in Illinois. While in high school, he entered a U.S. Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program that paved the way for his preferred place in the Navy as a military Hospital Corpsman. He served as a Navy Hospital Corpsman from 1980 to 1988. Bob left the Navy and returned home where he continued in the field of medicine as an Emergency Medical Technician. He also attended Paramedical School during that time. He moved to Nebraska in October 2001 as an employee of Medcor, Inc. and started working at Hormel Foods as the Medical Administrator.  Bob and his wife Kim moved to Hooper in 2012 where they met Pastor Joel Schroeder and his wife, Nancy. Bob and the family started attending Redeemer Lutheran Church.   As time went on Bob became much more involved in the church and he started with the PMA program.” The PMA (Pastoral Ministry Associate) program is one developed and administrated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). In the meantime, there are many places he is serving his church and community. He serves with Faith Ambassadors, a Nebraska ELCA coalition. Bob is also commander of the Hooper Legion Post 18 and Vice-Commander of District 7.  Bob also serves on the Hooper Volunteer Fire Department as an EMT.   Our journey is forever changing and for those who believe as Bob believes, a journey certainly guided and blessed by God.

Pastor Inbarasu grew up in Vellore, a town near Madras (Chennai) City, South India. He is an ordained minister and affiliated with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He began his ministry as a theological educator, Pastor and later moved into hospital chaplaincy ministry in India. He served as a senior chaplain in the Christian Medical College and Hospital Vellore, India.  This is the second largest Medical College and Hospital in Asia. He provided leadership in Chaplaincy education for ten years, and had the opportunity to be the pioneer in coordinating the first kind of Clinical Pastoral Education in India.

Pastor Inbarasu’s love for pastoral education and ministry led him to the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervisory education. Inbarasu began his CPE supervisory journey in the Advocate Health System, Chicago and completed his training at the Iowa Health System, Des Moines. He had many opportunities to work at various hospitals in these systems and supervised Interns and Residents in the Institution and communities.  In May 2007, he was certified as a Full CPE Supervisor with Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). He is also certified as a Board Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC). He received certificate of Endorsement from ELCA/LCMS Inter-Lutheran Coordinating Committee for Specialized Pastoral Education and Clinical Education.

Pastor Inbarasu specialized in Clinical Pastoral Education, Chaplaincy ministry, Theology, Missiology, Counseling, Pastoral care, and Palliative care. His doctoral work focused on the Asian Indian Perspective of Nishka’makarma in Clinical Pastoral Education. He is married, and his wife is a bio-medical scientist and an educator.  They have a son who is currently doing his Medical Residency. Inbarasu is also interested in the development of cross cultural and international CPE.  He has traveled extensively in India involving in the missionary work. He is actively involved in our local community and church and has a passion for providing pastoral care and training to individuals who give pastoral care. He participated in the medical mission work in Tanzania in 2008 and also participated in the 12th International Seminar in Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Center, Wittenberg, Germany in 2015. He received 2016 Emerging Leader Award in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Inc.

He received a D.Min., Doctor of Ministry in Religion and Health , Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago (2007): M.Th., Master of Theology in Missiology, SAIACS, Bangalore, India  (1991); M.A.,  in Public Administration, S.V. University, Tirupati, India (1989); M.A., in Philosophy, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India (1986); B.D., Bachelor of Divinity, Bishop’s College, Calcutta (1984); B.Th., Bachelor in Theology, in South India Biblical Seminary, Bangarapet, India (1983).

Pr. Inbarasu says, “I am grateful to God’s call in my life and for our church to extend this call for me to serve in the specialized ministry setting. He served as chaplain educator and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor (CPE supervisor) and program Director in Alegent Creighton/CHI Health System from 2008-2017. In 2017 Pastor Inbarasu received from ELCA Ecclesiastical Endorsement for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy and currently serving as ACPE Certified Educator in Veteran Affairs Health Care System.

I do God’s mission by providing pastoral care and training others in providing pastoral care.

I am so grateful for God’s call in my Life.  As I am in the specialized setting, I get opportunity to journey with pastors, lay minister, Seminarians and all those who are passionate to provide pastoral care. I am actively involved in our local community and church.  I have passion for providing pastoral care and training others to provide pastoral care.

I am excited being part of God’s mission and feel the call to serve our synod and with Faith Ambassadors Lutheran Parish Congregations.